Effective presentation and speaking in front of an audience

“When you open your mouth, your mind speaks out”.
Philosophical thought

Communicating ideas in a cohesive and captivating way is the most important skill you need to develop, regardless of the number of your listeners. Since ancient times people have composed speeches to motivate, persuade, inspire and influence each other.

The ability to speak correctly with words, body and voice is a tool that you can carry everywhere with you and use it at any time and for any occasion both in business and personally. Self-presentation skills are a key factor when applying for a job. The ability to present a product, service or idea is extremely important for their sale and realization.

Proper speech, choosing the right inspirational words and how they are presented are a powerful tool for any leader.

Delivering gripping speeches is the skill that is most satisfying for the speaker.

Educational Technology™ offers certified training for Effective Presentation and Public Speaking. The training is organized in an online environment for the theoretical material in a distance educational portal through lectures and videos in synchronous and asynchronous environment.

The main emphasis in the training is the personal training on the following:

  • working with a speech and/or presentation script;
  • personal image making in terms of modeling the voice and body language;
  • behavior on the stage during oratory and when working with a screen and presentation.

The training ends with two projects

1. Oratory speech on a topic chosen by the trainee.

2. Presentation through presentation and speaking to an audience on a selected topic.

After passing the exam, an international certificate for Effective Presentation and Public Speaking is issued.

All those who have completed the training course receive a bonus consultation for the next two presentations or speeches that are forthcoming.

For information, call the listed phones in regional offices, write to the specifies e-mail or take advantage of the chat.