02 Jan 2021


Everyone starts their growth path from somewhere.

Some have a path drawn by their parents as a child and they follow it unconditionally. In most cases they achieve success in terms of career, financial independence and they are visibly happy with their life. Some of them needed exactly that, others following the path of their parents do not feel satisfied and at much later stage look for something else.

Others discover themselves and their destiny when they find themselves in the right soil, an environment that allows them to grow.

Still others find out for themselves who they are and why they are here by getting a flash, thus they can change their life in a swing.

Regardless of the path that a person walks every day, in order to go that way, they need IMPACT.

The meaning of the word impact is interpreted as follows: pressure, stimulus, incentive, moving forward.

I will take the words stimulus and incentive as the closest synonyms of impact. Each impact leads to forward movement.

But the impact can be in the wrong or right direction.

The wrong directions are temptations that show dreams come true quickly.

The wrong impact is driven by the ego to prove ourselves to others or not to miss those experiences which one day turn out to be mistakes in our lives.

The wrong impact can be our “intellectual arrogance – I know” which deprives us of gratitude and leads to missed opportunities.

The wrong impact can be a “friend” who has lead us into those temptations.

The wrong impact can be the wrong attitude towards money and the way it is earned.

The wrong impact can also be a lack of self-belief, a belittling of one’s own personality and the blindness to see that the world is beautiful and that we can manage our lives.

The word IMPACT carries energy. And if we read it correctly we will be able to make the right move forward to ourselves which will allow us to be happy people – grateful and satisfied with what we have, what is with us and what we leave behind ourselves.

I believe in the power of this word and I will support it with my experience and the faith of great mentors and famous authors whose messages make a lot of sense and are worth following.

In his book “The impact code” Nigel Reisner, who has spent years teaching thousands of people how to give a positive IMPACT to their lives, defines the meaning of each letter in that word. Each letter in the word IMPACT has a strong meaning. This code refers to our thoughts and actions.

For me this code is the instruction to complete the puzzle in our lives correctly.

The impact code

I – In the room
M – Model from the best
P – Passion and purpose
A – Action
C – Comic Relief
T – Trust

I will allow myself to comment on these messages with the help of the book, my experience and my personal beliefs and trust in their power.

Every meaning has important information. That is why this word is like a cipher.

I – In the room

To put it in a different way, when you are in the room, be present in body and spirit.

This means focusing on the present moment and making the best of it without being rigid about the past. You just gain your experience from there. Three voices often fight in our minds: The Commentator, the Coach and the Player.

Our goal is to become good players, so we must learn to listen to the instructions correctly. And these are the words of the Coach within ourselves.

Commentators analyze what is happening on the ground. They do not decide on the outcome of the match. They are the voice of the past. Our inner commentator relies on our fears and draws us back.

The Coach aims to summarize our experiences from the past, creating inspiration to leave our “comfort zone”, giving us wise advice. The coach advises us: “Try again.”

What do we need? When we are in a given situation or stage of our lives – who do we trust? Are we present in this situation as players? Who are we listening to in this game – The Commentator from the past with our fears or the Coach?

The Commentator within ourselves knows many important lessons but he cannot help us to move forward. The Coach introduces us to the “room”, “on the stage” and the Commentator keeps us at the door because participation always carries risks.

The game of life is merciless in the selection of the constitution holders. You have been chosen to play your life and there are no reserves to substitute for you if it gets hot. Every good player needs a Coach. Winning this match means staying in the game. The one you choose is the right one.

Mute the Commentator’s voice in yourselves and listen to the Coach inside you to plan your future.

M – Model from the best

This message includes the following: Observe, learn, prosper.

Learn from your heroes. Life offers many opportunities and we must look into the human experience universe to learn something new.

And one more thing I strongly believe in: “If you do your best, you will never regret it,” George Hallas.

The message of idols is the principle of successful modeling. In other words: Look for the best and let them teach you. I look for them constantly. I never think I know everything.

P – Passion and purpose

The message is decoded as follows: Pursue your passion, not your pension.

To put it in a different way, give up what you are doing at the moment if it is not in line with your life plan.

Surround yourself with passionate people, those who inspire. Find a purpose in passion.

Or as an absolutely true saying goes: “When the heart and hands work together, the result will be a masterpiece.”

And something else about passion. It does not not have to be just what we do that brings us income and job satisfaction. We do not leave to the world only the benefits of our work. We have families and children. And what family means to each of us is the meaning of everything. Give your family something that will one day be a good model for your children, who will pass it on to their children and so we will make the world harmonious.

A – Action

Get up and act!

The message here is short: Cling to every opportunity!

“Mountains are not moved by ideas. They are moved by bulldozers.”“Mountains are not moved by ideas. They are moved by bulldozers.”

Unknown author

C – Comic Relief

A wonderful message: If something isn’t fun for you, why do it all?

Being smart does not mean being gloomy. Show the world your mind, hidden behind your smile. People love happy, sensible people.

When we treat others calmly, in a good mood, they will do everything possible to achieve our goals, because they will feel that we will do the same for them.

T – Trust

You are done without trust, even before you have started. Have confidence in yourself. Trust your team. Learn to manage success. Trust, not sympathy, moves the world. Trust the Creator.

And something I have learned from my parents: BE GRATEFUL.

Gratitude is not to forget the hand extended to you and the gesture made for you, it is not to betray the one who gave you the impact but to appreciate the lessons that the circumstances give you as a situation or people on your way.

We often think that we achieve everything ourselves. Forgetting the hand extended to you at the right moment is ingratitude that does not bring the right impact to your life.

I believe that only by creating a positive impact on people’s lives we will be able to boost our own lives!