Mathematics for students applicants and high school graduates

With successful preparation in Mathematics you can apply in:

  • technical universities (for all specialties – computer science, software, telecommunications, mechanical and electrical engineering)
  • economic universities
  • humanities universities (mathematics, computer science)
  • military universities
  • i.e. in almost all universities for the most sought-after majors

If you have a logical thought and attitude to cope with Mathematics, then choosing it as a subject for preparation and application opens wide opportunities for you to have a successful professional career.

Study materials

  • Textbook with theory and tasks in algebra
  • Geometry textbook

The study materials correspond to the format of the exam-written exam in Mathematics, test exam in Mathematics or Mathematics in matriculation format.

The training follows the training system of Educational Technologies™ and includes:

  • Teaching each topic with explanation of theory and algorithms for solving problems.
  • Emphasis on the leading moments in the different types of tasks.
  • Variants of solutions
  • Individual attitude in case of difficulties in mastering the material.
  • Continuous written tests and elimination of omissions.
  • Practice in the exam format.

With the preparation in Mathematics the students develop high mathematical literacy. Knowledge of Mathematics is fundamental and is an important prerequisite for choosing a profession and a successful professional career.

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