Chemistry and Biology for students applicants in medical universities and for other specialties

The training of prospective students to apply for medical specialties is one of the leading directions for Educational Technologies™.

The courses in Chemistry and Biology for applying to medical universities are of the most long-lasting ones in terms of training. In order that the preparation is complete, it is necessary to work with the student for two years. This means preparation starts at the beginning of 11th grade.

During the two years, the voluminous study material in both subjects is taught comprehensively and the students learn to describe in particulars both problems in Chemistry by using analyzes and topics in Biology in detail. The training follows the training system of Educational Technologies™ and is related to repeated examinations and tests until the mastering of educational content. At the end of the training, mock exams are organized in Chemistry and Biology formats for the various medical universities in the country.

  • Biology education uses approved textbooks for the MES exam and author’s textbooks in three parts.
  • Teaching Chemistry is based on author’s elaborations on topics of inorganic and organic chemistry, as well as a package of tests.

Biology education is also adapted to the formats of other exams for specialties at Sofia University “St.Kliment Ohridski” and in other universities in the country, as well as for the exam at the National Sports Academy.

The preparation in both subjects is adapted to the Matriculation format if the prospective students choose Chemistry or Biology as a second Matriculation exam.

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