Mathematics course

The training system in Mathematics includes:

I. Package of teaching materials: on paper

  • Mathematics textbook with developed topics in the exam format. Each topic includes analysis and solved typical problems with commentary.
  • Collection of selected practice tasks.
  • Tests on topics and combined tests in the exam format.
  • Additional manual with compensatory exercises in case of difficulties in mastering the learning content.

II. Multimedia product in Mathematics

The electronic product in Mathematics includes sound and animated video lessons on topics; solved problems by type with demonstration for application of the theory in solving the tasks and packages with tests for practice on the topics.

III. The training in Mathematics includes:

  • Analysis of each topic studied from 5th to 7th grade, analysis of all mathematical norms and rules, presentation of problems by type.
  • Solving sample tasks on topics according to the model of the tasks by type.
  • Practice with tests on topics and combined tests.

At the end of the training, students participate in 6 exam situations in mock exams.

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