Exam courses after 7th grade

The courses for 7th grade are implemented by using an author’s system of teaching of Educational Technologies™, which includes:

1. Ready-made author’s teaching materials

  • Learning aids with basic learning content
  • Exercises aids
  • A package of tests in the exam format
  • Electronic web based interactive learning materials in Bulgarian Language and Literature and mathematics

The electronic products in Bulgarian Language and Mathematics provide unique opportunities for learning and training of all students besides the face to face preparation in the offices at a time and place convenient for them, fully in accordance with the new modern technologies and ways of learning. Through them, students can recall details of the lesson taught, as well as practice with topic tests.

2. Teaching in detail each topic of the exam syllabus.

3. Precise control of the learning process throughout the study year.

4. Six trainings in the form of the exam-mock exams in a real exam environment.