Courses for students applicants and high school graduates

The courses for preparation of prospective students are developed according to the academic subjects with which they apply and follow the formats of the exams determined by the universities in Bulgaria. The training in one academic subject covers all exam formats for the different universities and within the training process, there is also practice in sitting for mock exams in the respective formats. Thus, with the same study time students prepare for several universities where the subject is the same but the exam format is different.

The preparation for a given subject in many cases covers the preparation for the Matriculation exam. Such training is available in the Bulgarian Language and Literature course, in the Mathematics course, as well as in all subjects if the Students applicants have chosen the subject with which they apply as a second Matriculation exam, including a foreign language. This saves both time and money.

The training in the courses for students applicants and for high school graduates follows the author’s training system of Educational Technologies™.