Bulgarian Language and Literature for students applicants and high school graduates

Study materials

  • Learning aids in literature – Analyzes Part 1 and 2
  • Learning aids in Language Culture
  • Electronic textbook on Language Culture
  • Practice tests in the exam format in paper and electronic version

The training in Bulgarian Language and Literature covers the preparation for the Matriculation exam and the preparation in the exams formats for the various universities and specialties. Thus, with the same training, but different practice, the students applicants can prepare for a test in the form of the exam at UNWE or for a certain specialty at Sofia University, as well as for all other universities and specialties where there is an admission exam in Bulgarian and Literature. The training follows the training system of Educational Technologies™.

Educational Technologies™ provides access to external clients to on-line mock exams in Bulgarian Language and Literature for Matriculation exam (State Matriculation Exams).

The exams are conducted remotely asynchronously when working independently on our platform. Each participant will receive a grade and review, as well as recommendations in synchronous communication with a teacher.

Make your last reviews for the exam by calling and talking to a person in charge at a convenient for you regional office of Educational Technologies™ or fill in the registration form to contact you.

For information, call the listed phones in regional offices, write to the specifies e-mail or take advantage of the chat.