Functional literacy in native language for students from 2nd to 4th grade

Students from 2nd to 4th grade receive a large amount of learning content in Bulgarian Language. At this age the foundations of language culture are laid. Often the learning content is presented in separate and torn from the common links lesson units. Thus, the logical perception of language norms is lost, which leads to gaps in the upper grades. The developed product for functional literacy aims to create interest in the native language and assimilate language norms in a gentle way through elements of suggestopedia.

The product includes:

  • Native language manual in two parts, which covers all topics for the development of high language culture.
  • Workbooks with upgrading of knowledge and skills for the different classes.
  • Booklets for creative writing.

The learning content is presented in an accessible way, using entirely the training system of Educational Technologies™.

By the means of this system students learn language norms as an intuitive habit and this knowledge permanently settles in the long-term memory.

By the means of the functional literacy course students acquire correct spelling skills, correct style of expression and creative writing skills. A foundation is laid for upgrading language norms in the upper grades and new knowledge is easily acquired. This gives confidence to the growing students to cope well with the National External Assessment in the 7th grade.

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