Course in Bulgarian Language and Literature

The teaching of Bulgarian Language and Literature in 7th grade is organized according to the framework of the external assessment: a test in Bulgarian Language and Literature and the format of the exam in writing-retelling with a didactic task.

The training is adapted every year according to the changes in the format as decided by the Ministry of Education and Science.

The system for training in Bulgarian Language and Literature includes:

I. Package of teaching materials on paper:

  • Textbook of Language Culture – includes all sections of linguistics with an emphasis on language norms-spelling, punctuation, grammar, lexis. The study content is presented with developed lessons on the relevant topics and models of standard tasks as of them in the exam format.
  • Workbook – includes a set of exercises that follow the topics in the textbook and the model of application of language norms (model of how to do the exercises).
  • Tests in the format of the Bulgarian Language exam – developed by topics and summary on the whole material.
  • Analyzes on literary works – include information about the authors and a detailed analysis of each work, as well as a dictionary of means of expression.
  • Tests in literature – by works and summaries.

II. Multimedia product in Bulgarian Language and Literature

The electronic product in Bulgarian Language and Literature includes sound and animated video lessons on topics, exercise models, help tables and diagrams. The product is consistent with the type of learning content by the means of the two main intelligences-listening and reading. Each topic has practice tests as well as summaries in the exam format.

III. Training

1. Bulgarian language

The training includes detailed work on each topic: spelling, punctuation and working with the sections of linguistics. After each topic there is a model for applying the knowledge in typical exercises as in the exam format.

2. Literature

Each work is examined in detail, keywords are modeled using a special technique for understanding and remembering, a model is written for writing a thesis and practicing with a package of tests is organized.

3. Retelling with a didactic task

Students are given a detailed analysis with criteria and a scheme for writing a retelling. The writing and checking of retelling is organized by an assessment, review and individual analysis of the work of each student.

At the end of the training, students participate in 6 exam situation at a mock exam.

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