Personal development

Educational Technologies™ opens a new portal for knowledge that benefits the personal awareness, development and growth of everyone seeking a path to self. This portal provides inspiration for discovering the potential of everyone looking for their destination and wanting to realize their mission by developing their strengths in their career path and in communicating with others.

The information in this portal is motivating and gives impetus to the pursuit of personal achievement and confidence.

In this portal we talk about success and happiness.

SUCCESS is often wished in life and people talk about achieving SUCCESS.

What is success?

Success has a different dimension for everyone because the point of view is different. What is success for one is not a success for another. Some measure success by career levels, by achieving financial independence and a high standard of living. For many people, in addition to all this, success is measured by their recognition and admiration by others.

If we equate personal development to success using these dimensions, then where is happiness?

Are we happy if we have achieved financial independence? Are we happy with the applause of others?

And what is the feeling of happiness? Happiness is a feeling of satisfaction and GRATEFULNESS.

How to achieve it?

You have many suggestions in this portal.

We share our experience and the experience of mentors through selected books or videos.

The brand of our personal development portal shows the power of My Self.

And the shape of the two parts of the heart- Big and small- is a symbol of Love for YOURSELF.

We believe that time dictates the need!