Geography for students applicants and high school graduates

One can apply with exam in Geography for all economic specialties at UNWE and other economic universities and specialties at the Faculty of Geology and Geography at Sofia University “St.Kliment Ohridski”: Geology, Geography, Tourism, Regional Development and Politics, Geospatial Systems and Technologies, Geography and English, as well as the specialties History and Geography and Geography and Biology. One can also apply with an exam in Geography for the specialty of European Studies.

Study materials

  • Textbook with developed topics and help tables in four parts “Geography of Bulgaria”
  • Learning aid with developed topics for World Geography
  • Test booklet for exam and matriculation practice
  • WEB based teaching materials-auxiliary tables, schemes and practice tests for the exam formats in the different universities and in the matriculation format.

The training follows the training system of Educational Technologies™ and it includes:

  • Teaching each topic by making analyses and summarization of information in mind maps, diagrams, tables, models.
  • Written examination with checking, review and assessment of each topic.
  • Solving practice tests with verification and comment.

The course also includes mock exam practice tailored to the exam formats in different universities and for different specialties.

For information, call the listed phones in regional offices, write to the specifies e-mail or take advantage of the chat.