Commercial skills

“Nobody likes to be sold to, but everyone loves to buy.”
Earl Taylor, merchant

The course in commercial skills is certified and includes theoretical and practical part.

The theoretical part is related to the philosophy of the purpose of products as goods and services and for customers as buyers.

The two main modules are:

1. From the idea of the product to its realization on the market.

2. Practical training for negotiations with clients, sales and consultations.

Topics in the theoretical part include:

1. Philosophy of sales-conscious and unconscious needs of the consumer, potential value of consumers.

2. Communication with the clients in order to identify their needs and consulting them-skills for asking questions.

3. Skills to present the benefits of products.

4. Presentation of the price of the product.

5. Dealing with customer objections and product claims.

Practical training:

1. Communication skills when talking on the phone-tone of voice, speech.

2. Communication skills when meeting clients and talking to them.

3. Presentation of products and services of choice.

The training ends with an exam in the theoretical part and a practical exam in the respective area of products sales.

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